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The SUE Scale As A Metaphor For A Paradigm Shift

by Silvia Hartmann

Adding the missing positive wing to the SUD scale in order to form the SUE Scale is a very simple thing - yet it denotes a paradigm shift in how we think about emotion, and in the end, human existence. It has tremendous repercussions and represents a true "game changer" - and not just in psychology.

Emotions have not been studied correctly; they are the big gaping hole, the elephant in the room of psychology and general human existence.Β 

Emotions are the drivers behind human behaviour; the emotional state of a person sets how intelligent they are, even how much weight they can lift. Emotions play a major part in many diseases; and also play a major part in how quickly and how profoundly a person can heal.

There is not a single thing any living human being does which is not influenced by emotion - yet nobody could explain what emotions even are before modern energy work came along and simply stated thatΒ 

Emotions are movements in the energy body transmitted through the physical body via the 6th sense, sensations which have no physical origin.

In the past, people across the board have tried to ignore emotions, only paying attention when they were seriously disturbed, negative emotions - and then we tried to treat them.

But not in order to make people happy, or experience positive emotion.

The grand plan behind most existing psychology systems, religions, training methods for soldiers, farmers, fathers and politicians is to have no emotions at all!

To be "at peace," to not experience anything other than tranquility, not to feel anything at all.

This plays out in the desire to get rid of negative emotions in any way this can be achieved.

The big breakthrough in dealing with emotions (energy movements in the energy body) is perfectly symbolised by the difference between the old SUD Scale, which ended at Zero - no pain, no feelings, no emotions at all, zero feelings! - and the new SUE scale, which ends at +10 - emotions so positive, they have become indistinguishable from an enlightenment event.

People are designed to seek positive experiences. To feel good, then better, then even better still.

It is a misreading of the laws of nature to think that a creature of any kind, or a natural system of any kind, moves "away from pain and towards pleasure."

Systems only move towards pleasure, all the time, full stop.

Indeed, it is in the very movement towards pleasure that the pain begins to recede, and the pain doesn't stop until it has been replaced by pleasure.

One might say this as follows. You need pleasure in order to cure pain.

"Nothing" doesn't cure emotional pain - but emotional pleasure will.

That is why it is so important to have the positive wing of the SUE scale.

In that country beyond the "zero point of nothing" that is really quite unexplored in any scientific sense of the word, there lie the experiences which are the cure to emotional ills.

But there's more than that.

The SUE scale shows us that every person has the capacity to feel good - better than good, amazing, and better than amazing, all the way up to +10.

This completely re-sets the goal posts as to what a good life might consist of; what we should be aiming for; what we should be seeking in accordance with our design, from the smallest cell to the entire organism.

"Peace" is not the answer to war. Peace is that zero point of nothing which soon enough disintigrates again and then we're back at war. The answer to war is joy, love, happiness. It is really difficult to motivate people who are thoroughly delighted with their lives and happy to start fighting and killing other people.

This works all the way from whole societies to a single human being and their own experiences.Β 

Feeling nothing is not the answer to anxiety, depression, hatred, shame, guilt and all the other negative emotions that ruin people's lives.

Feelling wonderful however, is.

Now we know that, we have to re-assess our goals on all levels, in every way.

Making the highest positive emotions our goals and understanding that this is where we need to be in order to overcome (racism, fighting, addictions, drug abuse, misery, helplessness, stupidity, stress etc. etc. etc.) gives us a totally different mind set, a different way of planning new routes out of the age old problems of humanity.

Zero is NOT "the best a human can get." Zero is nothing. It's not worth having. It's not even worth striving for - it is completely uninspiring, that's no way to motivate a person to want to change.

+10 on the other hand, that's a different story.

Just knowing it exists, it's out there, and allowing ourselves to really yearn for that sort of level of experience in our lives, on many different topics, in many different circumstances, really does change everything.

High positive emotions must be the goal. Nothing else can cure humanity of its ills.

The SUE Scale is the perfect metaphor for that paradigm shift.

Silvia Hartmann

May 2012

Posted May 25, 2012 by Silvia Hartmann
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