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The Pyramid Model For MODERN Stress Management

The Pyramid Model For MODERN Stress Management

A simplified version of the SUE Scale/Energy Chart for use in MODERN Stress Management MSM has been created in 2015, known as "The Pyramid Model" (Hartmann, 2015), specifically designed to replace the outdated Hebbian Model based on the 1908 Yerkes-Hobson "Law of Arousal" which drives deeper into stress and forms the basis of all existing stress management programs.

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Simplified SUE Scale Video

A great and simple introduction to the concepts behind the SUE Scale - and why it is so important to stop focusing exclusively on negative emotions to gain the bigger picture on how humans work.

Oct 2, 2014 Read Article...

Measuring "Emotions" - Subjective And Objective Measurements Of Energy Body States

The basic premise that emotions are feedback devices on the conditions in the energy body, and that in order to understand emotions, it is of the essence to factor in both positive as well as negative emotions, unlocks a completely new understanding of human behaviour and state.

The SUE Scale is used to measure the subjective experience of any person, but the energy body stress chart gives an objective assessment of the functioning of firstly the energy body, but then the knock on effect on the entirety of the mind body system as states change, behaviours change, values, attitudes and beliefs change, physiological state changes, thought changes.

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SUE PAD - SUE Scale Measuring App

SUE PAD - SUE Scale Measuring App

You are probably all aware of the amazing SUE scale of Silvia Hartman, now this scale is available for your android phone. free of charge, just request the unlock code after you have installed it. It gives the client immediate feedback on their progress during the session. To download the app, follow the link.

Jan 28, 2014 Read Article...

SUE Scale Video Excerpt

Meet the SUE Scale in this short excerpt from an introduction to Energy EFT with Silvia Hartmann.

Aug 19, 2012 Read Article...

The SUE Scale As A Metaphor For A Paradigm Shift

Adding the missing positive wing to the SUD scale in order to form the SUE Scale is a very simple thing - yet it denotes a paradigm shift in how we think about emotion, and in the end, human existence. It has tremendous repercussions and represents a true "game changer" - and not just in psychology.

May 25, 2012 Read Article...

The SUE Scale In Brief

The SUE Scale measures the subjective (intrapersonal) experience from -10 to +10 and gives client and practitioner a way to make their way towards the THRESHOLD SHIFT - the EVENT of healing, learning, change or evolution - directly and at speed.

May 25, 2012 11,744 Reads Read Article...

SUE Scale - Subjective Units Of Experience: Developmental History

The precursor for the SUE Scale was the EI Scale (Emotional Intensity Scale)(Hartmann, Energetic Relationships Paper, 2000). This was based on finding that a scale that only shows negative emotions but not positive emotions wasn't enough in order to work successfully with emotions. In order to allow a client to accurately express their feelings towards another person (or construct, animal, object, entity, existence etc.) it is necessary to address positive as well as negative emotions.

May 25, 2012 10,085 Reads Read Article...
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