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The SUE Scale & The Modern Energy Chart

by Silvia Hartmann

The SUE Scale & The Modern Energy Chart

The SUE Scale (Subjective Units of Experience, Hartmann 2009) is the subjective version of the Modern Energy Chart which forms the basis for all of Modern Energy. With use, the SUE Scale & The Modern Energy Chart harmonise and become one and the same.

SUE Scale Modern Energy Chart

The SUE Scale & The Modern Energy Chart Created by Silvia Hartmann

The SUE Scale (Subjective Units of Experience, Hartmann 2009) is the subjective version of the Modern Energy Chart which forms the basis for all of Modern Energy.

With use, the SUE Scale & The Modern Energy Chart harmonise and become one and the same. 


 The Modern Energy Chart In Brief


-8 = The Extremely Low Energy States

  • -8 to -10 describes the extremely low energy states that can become life threatening.
  • It takes seriously destructive energy events for energy bodies to become so critically low on energy that they literally collapse in on themselves.
  • This can be observed in the natural dying process of old people, but also in people following extreme emotional disturbances.
  • At -8, we find all the symptoms previously associated with severe depression. The person at -8 literally has no energy to help themselves or perform even routine physical functions.
  • A person at -9 is withdrawn, incapable of making connections with others, incapable of communicating and indeed, struggling to survive at all.
  • Depending on the circumstances, people will recover slowly as the energy system strives to repair itself, but if the damage is too severe, the person might never fully recover.
  • -10, the complete extinction of the energy body, leads to physical death shortly after. This is the mechanism by which people die of a broken heart.


-7 = The Emergency State

  • When energy flow has become critical, an emergency response is triggered in the energy system which will throw the last remaining reserves of energy into the system as a survival effort.
  • The affected person will explode into rage or other uncontrollable emotions such as having a panic attack, throw themselves around in a “nervous breakdown” or may attack bystanders randomly.
  • There is an explosion of energy at -7 which has confused people for a long time.
  • The emergency generator is not a high energy state, it is a critical survival emergency state that should not be used unless it is really a life or death situation, as we would find in the final struggle of a prey animal caught in the teeth of a predator.
  • This dangerous energy state is called “Rage Syndrome” in animals.
  • In humans, the absence of coherent, logical thought, any understanding of moral values or long term consequences of actions in this state makes it particularly dangerous.
  • Further, there will be an energy collapse after the emergency system has been triggered, into the extreme low energy states, and the health of the energy body may be permanently jeopardized.


-5 = Fear

  • Around -5 we find high stress, anxiety and fear.
  • This denotes an extremely de-stabilised energy body that is on the verge of flipping into the -7 emergency state, where all emotional control is lost.
  • The person at -5 and -6 will be incapable of controlling their thoughts or directing their attention.
  • They will be paranoid, fearful, startle easily and find it impossible to concentrate.
  • They have lost their ability to function correctly in social relationships.
  • Their mental abilities and faculties of reasoning are strongly impaired, which can lead to very bad decisions.
  • They will typically experience strong 6th Sense sensations, such as shaking, trembling, stomach churning, back aches, headaches etc.
  • Their physical performance will be strongly impaired, making it much more likely that accidents will occur.
  • When the 6th Sense sensations become overwhelming, individuals might turn to self mutilation to override the psychosomatic pain from their emotions.


3 = Stress

  • Uncertainty is the big keyword for the energy body states between -2 and -4.
  • This is where the vast majority of the modern population exists on average.
  • Feeling unsure, unbalanced, not quite right, being easily distracted and not feeling entirely at home in one's own physical body are among the many negative side effects of ongoing low energy states that are deemed to be normal.
  • Social functioning and communications are strongly impaired.
  • Self doubt is a constant feature of this state.
  • A person at this level will feel the need to “follow a stronger energy system” and/or turn to external authorities for guidance and leadership.
  • Here we also find pretending to be happier/better/stronger than a person really feels inside and an ongoing rat race of competition as hungry dogs would fight over the a bone.
  • This is a chronic stress state that relies on applying will power the whole time to create a false outward appearance of functionality and achievement.
  • Under the old systems which did not factor in the states of the energy body, these stress states were deemed to produce maximum effort from the stressed people involved and were mistaken for “good stress.”
  • On the Modern Energy Chart, this is a dangerous energy body stress state which will produce inferior performance across the board in mind, body and spirit.


0 = The Zero Point Of Nothing

  • Having ZERO emotions, feeling nothing at all, feeling neither good nor bad, is the deluded and entirely erroneous goal of the old schools of emotional suppression and mismanagement.
  • ZERO is not a place of balance. When you have zero money in your account, zero food in your fridge and zero friends in your address book, this is what you have – ZERO. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.
  • Likewise, we also have ZERO intelligence and ZERO logic in this place that doesn't understand people, doesn't understand emotions, and produces truly inhumane systems that will destroy the people who pass through them.
  • Getting beyond the Zero Point of Nothing, explaining to people that this isn't good enough, it's NOTHING, actually, is the great challenge of Modern Energy.
  • Yes, it is bad to suffer from negative emotions.
  • Having no emotions is not the cure for the human condition.
  • We need to move forward, into the higher energy states and the realms of positive emotions.



+3 = Awakening

  • When energy flow finally improves beyond Zero, and the energy body wakes up, so does the person whose energy body this is.
  • Now, a person may have some ideas about the future, might want to improve something, make positive changes, start a project.
  • It is important to note that at the low positive ranges, there is enough energy to think, dream and talk about projects, but not enough energy to actually enact them through ongoing, daily, reliable physical labour and high energy activity.
  • At the social level, a person's social capabilities increase at +3 and they become more attractive to others.
  • They also become more open-minded, mentally flexible, and able to learn more easily as well as remember better.
  • As they are now energy positive, they have energy left to give to others.
  • This is a good first step towards real energy body health which we find not at +3, but at +10 instead.


+5 = Inspired Action

  • When the energy body gets to +5, we have the energy to take ACTION.
  • To make anything happen in the real world, we need to put in our ENERGY: effort, labour, physical activity, and we have to keep it up on a regular basis.
  • Many people have good ideas, but to turn these ideas into something real takes a lot of energy, every single day, and the next day, and the day after that.
  • There will be set backs of course that will drop us down the Energy Chart and we might get angry, stressed, afraid or depressed for a while; but we can bring up our energy average back to above +5 so we can take the action we need to take in the real world in order to succeed.
  • A very common problem is seen when people have good ideas, are inspired, get started, but then something bad happens and they drop down the energy chart. With energy being now too low to do the work that needs to be done, the project must fail.
  • Serial failures in everything from learning via relationships and business success come from this cycle, which we can finally both understand, as well as break, with Modern Energy knowledge.



+7 = Success

  • The previous stage, +5, is the set up for success.
  • Working with lots of energy on something we are excited about, not giving up when there are set backs, having good relationships with others and fully engaging with our projects will lead to success.
  • Success is a new level of accomplishment and achievement, and it brings many further rewards.
  • It raises self esteem, and also allows a person to do energising things, and enrich themselves with objects, activities, environments and people that can further raise their energy.
  • A +7 person becomes a natural leader as people will follow those with higher energy states than themselves, and gather a high energy team about them.
  • From the earthly standpoint, +7 is as good as it gets.
  • The person has good relationships, is successful, financially abundant, has many friends and to all intents and purposes, is a role model for success.


+10 = Freedom

  • There is a tremendous threshold shift from +7 to +10.
  • At +10, the energy body fires on all cylinders and this brings a tremendous increase in emotional, physical and mental health.
  • For as long as human beings have been around, these states were deemed to be incredibly rare, and people who obtained them by accident or incident were thought to be prophets, saints, geniuses, or otherwise blessed by the stars.
  • Often, they would bring back a single good idea from these high energy states, where true organic intelligence and real logic are accessible, where cause-and-effect become apparent, where the nature of reality itself becomes revealed to a human being.
  • Many times, these people would start a revolution, or a religion, or became famous leaders, artists and scientists revered across the ages.
  • The extraordinary truth is that all normal human beings attain +10 states, that everyone has experienced them already.
  • Not only that, +10 states are easy to achieve once we know that we are simply dealing with the living energy body.
  • All we have to do is to feed our energy body, and the +10 experiences cease to be a rare event, and instead, become the structural solutions to our individual problems, and those of the human race as well.


To raise our energy average and to experience MORE +10 events is the goal in Modern Energy.

Posted Jun 30, 2021 by Silvia Hartmann
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